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About Limitless Integrations

Headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio with operations on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast of US and Canada, Limitless Integrations is an integrated physical security and health safety provider that specializes in new, innovative threat detection solutions for facilities in key vertical markets nationwide.

Whether your organization is private, public, non/not-for-profit or governmental, we offer best-in-class technologies, knowledge, engineering and design, implementation and deployment, project management, and ongoing maintenance services—while employing people and security technologies specifically dedicated to meeting your unique requirements.

Our comprehensive approach to integrated security solutions has a demonstrated and proven track record of success, based on our staff's experience in helping address a range of properties and venues specific requirements and needs.   This extensive physical security and health safety expertise ensures each installation and deployment delivers state-of-the-art security solutions to satisfy the strictest industry standards, and your own requirements.


Our Team

Limitless Integrations’ team of specialized subject matter experts (SMEs) main focus is to design and deliver the right physical security and/or health safety solution for each client they work with and each specific location. Our proven integration and deployment process ensures a comprehensive solution is delivered with operational success—from engineering to installation and deployment to daily operations and ongoing maintenance.


Each Limitless Integration staff member has experience within the security industry, managing or overseeing single-site, multi-facility, industrial manufacturing security at  regional, national, and international levels.


Our team has designed, implemented, integrated and deployed numerous security solutions and upgrades with large companies, as well as local, national and federal government agencies.  In addition, our personnel have developed security standard operating processes and procedures (SOPs), that work seamlessly with the property's integrated security technologies in use -  now helping hundreds of companies to protect their staff, customers, partners and properties


The extensive knowledge and years of experience our team has built throughout the security careers with local, regional and national businesses further helps ensure we stay up-to-date with ever changing regulations and mandates.


Most importantly, our specialists can assist in developing an all-encompassing physical and electronic security strategy to support facility-specific, and company-wide compliance requirements.

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