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Portable Ballistic Shield
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Portable Ballistic Shield

POPSHIELD Portable Ballistic Shield

Limitless Integration, in partnership with M-SEC Enterprises and Shield Technology Inc., offers two (2) revolutionary ballistic shield protection solutions for ease of use and rapid deployment for your own safety and security. This dynamic Level IIIA Protective Shield can help your clients's protect themselves and others from handguns attacks (including: 9mm, 44 mag & 357 mag) in less than a second. Simply push the button on the PopShield handle and the Level IIIA bulletproof ballistic shield will dropdown to afford overall protection to the individual. 


Key PopShield Features:

  • NIJ IIIA Certified Ballistic Shield

  • 100% American DuPont™ Aramid Fiber.

  • Patented compact design.

  • High quality grip with instant release trigger; deploys in less than a second.

  • Secondary backup clip release on each side.

  • Weighs 5 pounds

  • Package Contains: 1 PopShield, Soft Carry Bag and NIJ IIIA Certified Test Results

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PopShield Specs

4-Panel Popshield Specs copy.jpg

PopShield Specs

4-Panel Shield- Back copy.jpg

PopShield Collapse/Handle

5-Panel Security-Patch copy.jpg
5-Panel PolicePatch copy.jpg
5-Panel Popsheild Sling copy.jpg

PopShield Patches & Sling (5-panel only)


Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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CommPort Technologies - Under Vehicle Inspection 

Comm Port Technologies is a U.S. manufacture of security and safety components specializing in Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS). Its proven track record of UVIS/UVSS technology, excellent support - as well as our full-featured software and hardware - has enabled CommPort to become the worldwide de-facto standard for dependable and reliant surveillance systems in the areas of Security and Surveillance. 


The Comm Port CPAS uses color area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband, such as drugs and weapons. The system is ideal for government, military, transportation and corporation facilities requiring security checkpoints for vehicles such as vans, tractor trailers, buses and passenger vehicles.


Unmatched Integration Flexibility: Transmit your video and integrate it with automatic license plate recognition and driver image-capture cameras. The CPAS UVIS system can be configured with motion detection or loop detection so that you only record “live” events.


Seeing Is Securing In Real-Time: With CPAS Series, security personnel can view in full color for the entire length of the vehicle in real-time, even with vehicles moving up to 75 KMPH. The scanning camera are available from 500FPS up to 900FPS.


Sharp Images Provide The Total Picture: A high-resolution digital color camera provides clear, sharp images. Bright white, high-intensity Led-based lighting illuminates the vehicle’s undercarriage so details aren’t lost in shadows. 


Built Rugged For Long Life: This heavy-duty system comes with built in Scanner and Light arrangements, all with weight bearing capacity for standard systems from 78-ton up to an optional 110- ton version. All CPAS systems are backed by a two year warranty.


Key Features

  • Color Area Scan Technology

  • Capture images at speeds up to 75KMPH (45MPH)

  • Handles load weights up to 78 tons (110 ton optional)

  • Ultra-fast throughput for quicker analysis

  • High resolution images up to full HD 1080p

  • True mechanical day & night imaging (ICR) for driver

  • images

  • No limits on vehicle length

  • Automatic number plate recognition / license plate reader

  • All weather condition construction conforms to IP68

  • Rust resistant diamond plate

  • Scan images up to 900 FPS

  • Built-in driver image / scene camera support

  • Multiple lane support for central security head end

  • Latest technology used for anomaly detection

  • Two-year standard warranty

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License Plate Reader


Arteco LPR App (License Plate Reader) is an application which can be installed on WISENET X Camera Series, allowing each camera to read license plates. Through the combination of these leading technologies, organizations can gain new levels of insight through the automation of video monitoring processes to strengthen security, enhance loss and fraud reduction, optimize operations and boost awareness. 


Wide range of applications 

Arteco LPR App is a valuable solution for a variety of different Vertical market applications, including


  • traffic management, parking management, toll roads, crime prevention

  • access control and vehicle tracking

  • access control and vehicle tracking


Arteco LPR App is flexible and easy to use. Its user-friendly installation speeds up setup and adjusting. It is completely integrated into the Arteco NEXT VEMS and with Arteco Easy Traffic.


The application also has many integrated protocols, which allow it to make smart yet, powerful integration with third party VMS, traffic monitoring solutions and more. 


This edge-based solution can be used as a stand-alone device capable of sending notifications and to controlling gates or barriers.

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Cyber Encryption Hardware & SaaS

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ES Embedded Solutions’ BitNetEntry Cybersecurity 

Limitless Integration, in partnership with E.S. Embedded Solutions, is pleased to offer a combined BitNetSentry (BNS) - a SaaS encryption software and hardware solution - to prevent both external and internal cyberattacks on your business and its critical data network.   


ES Embedded Solutions, founded in 2002, has been a pioneer in the fields white hat cybersecurity, offering mission- and time-critical communication, with a strong, encrypted smart gateway between its customers, their partners and their employees.  The core BitNetSentry (BNS) technology originated out of Israeli armed forces and is patented for complete network security.   The hardware & SaaS technology is certified to meet the highest QA standards: ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100- for aerospace and aviation. ES has earned awards as one of the top 10 Cybersecurity companies in the middle east (2020) and is a member of the Israeli Cyber Companies Forum.

The BitNetEntry combined hardware and SaaS solutions currently deployed in key industry sectors, including: Banking, Defense, Government, Energy, Automation, Industrial, Finance, IoT, Cloud Computing, Aviation and more. 

The  technology solution is designed with the following approach: 

  1. BNS is Invisible in the network (no MAC nor IP address). Hackers can’t target or bypass BNS.

  2. BNS is utilizing the WBC (White Box Cryptography) standard- a proprietary crypto method that offers zerotrust secured communication even from insiders and those who got encryption passwords.

  3. Hassle free migration, installation and managing

  4. BNS enables bi-directional secured SCADA communication.

  5. Thwarting of “rogue in siders”, even when they have IT privileges, passwords and encryption keys.

  6. BNS ensures that critical and sensitive information will not: Leak out, breach, get stolen or change illegally or maliciously.

  7. BNS is market leader in Bit-level security (@Data Link Layer).

  8. BNS adds extremely low latency (few Nano seconds)

  9. BNS enables Traffic (headers & content) manipulation, redirection, blocking.

  10. BNS secures against legal commands sent from legal sender but with malicious abnormal or illegal behavior


Encrypted Visual Intelligence For VMS Systems

YourSixOS Visual Intelligence for VMS

YourSixOS leverages cloud cybersecurity protocols for simple and secure connections.  It’s unlike traditional on-prem solutions that require you to expose your network to the public internet for remote camera access.


YourSixOS requires No port-forwarding. No NAT policies. No complex firewall rules. The YourSixOS cloud simply provides each device with a security certificate. Then the platform encrypts your data in transit and at rest in the cloud, ensuring your business can focus on what’s happening on your cameras more than on your network. 


The Y6OS platform delivers a leading software defined visual intelligence platform through our commitment to:

  1. Open Technology

  2. Redundant Architecture

  3. Single Pane of Glass

  4. Unlimited Scalability

  5. Proactive Health Monitoring

  6. Innovative Cybersecurity Protocols

The Y6OS Key Cybersecurity Protocols:

  • SSO & 2 Factor Authentication

  • Modern Ciphers

  • Automated security patching from the cloud

  • to every device

  • Auto Device-Hardening

  • Hardened Root User and Password

  • Support for signed firmware, secure boot,

  • and TPM key storage

  • Brute-Force Detection

  • Suspicious IP Throttling

  • Breached Password Protection

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Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 2.47.04 PM.png

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Access Control

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