Threat Detection

& Response

Limitless Integrations delivers robust threat detection solutions to protect the public, your company and your employees.

Threat Detection & Response

Our goal was to create a solution that would essentially meet all the new Health & Safety requirements and allow businesses and venues to re-open.

This included:

  1. Address pandemic response regulations/stipulations with regards to physically screening a person.

  2. New Health and Safety Regulations such as social distancing and mandated mask wearing.

  3. Finally, continue to meet the growing threat of active shooters and terrorism.


Threat Detection & Response

Video Recognition Systems Weapons  

Health & Safety

Covert Weapons Detection

Touchless Ticketing

For the automated recognition of exposed weapons, facial mask compliance and elevated body temperature. 

For the detection of concealed weapons

Creating a safer, stress-free experience for guests, eliminating points of physical contact when selling, scanning and accepting payments for your venue

How It Works

Let’s take a walk through this simple 4-step IDENT MODS unit:


  • The First Stage, as an event goer approaches the IDENT MODS, VRS Weapon & Facial Mask video detection solutions identify potential visible threats in real-time.


  • The Next Stage, the MSG Multi-sensor gateway instantly scans for concealed weapons, such as knives, guns, rifles or bombs.


  • The Third Stage includes a scan from the VRS-T, an artificial intelligence-based thermal camera solution that detects elevated body temperature. If an elevated body temperature is identified, security personnel can determine whether secondary screening is in order.


  • The Last stage is our Ticketless Scanning solution, which provides the attendee with access into the venue to enjoy their event.






Virtual Tours

Self Contained, Rapidly Deployable Security 

Simple to navigate and easy to use:

  • Easily monitored inside the temperature controlled office or remotely.

  • Advanced system health monitoring.

  • Intuitive software interfaces backed by artificial intelligence.

  • Advanced alarm and video search capabilities


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